Mapping Population Change in Ireland 1841-1851:
Quantitative Analysis using Historical GIS

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This research uses GIS to examine spatial variations in population change at electoral division (ED) level and the extent to which features of the social and natural landscape can be identified and statistically analysed as determinants of population change. Local variables that may have had an impact on the vulnerability or resilience of particular EDs during the famine include distance to urban settlements, relief schemes and workhouses, topography, agricultural practices and industrial development, and distances to the coast, lakes and waterways. In this analysis we map these variables at electoral division level. We then use regression analysis to examine the relationship between population change and these variables. Finally, given the extent to which the relationship between population change and these variables may have varied over space, we use geographically weighted regression to examine spatial variation in these relationships.
Stewart Fotheringham
Mary Kelly
Martin Charlton