i2maps _ The GeoComputation Platform

What is i2maps?

i2maps is a geocomputing environment. It provides a flexible programming framework for knowledge discovery from spatio-temporal data and web-oriented visualisation.

It consists of two libraries, one written in Javascript, and one written in Python. The Javascript library is used for building the interactive user-interface, and is built on top of OpenLayers. The Python library consists of a server-based API for linking data sources and spatio-temporal analysis modules to the Javascript library, and is built around the GeoDjango framework.

PDF  Download our information sheet [PDF; 441 KB]

Workshop at FOSS4G'11

There are materials available from the FOSS4G'11 workshop with a 3 hour hands-on introduction on how to use i2maps to build interactive tools to explore the dynamics of space-time processes and develop geostreaming applications. FOSS4G

Visit our workshop page and check the examples of what can be built with i2maps in 3 hours with just basic knowledge of Python and Javascript.