NCG Event

"NCG Launch"

Prof. Stewart Fotheringham, Director, invited those interested in the future of GIS and spatial data analysis in Ireland to the launch of NCG.

The event took place in John Hume Building, NUIM, where NCG is located. The number and background of attendees suggests a strong interest from the scientific and academic community, government agencies as well as the private sector to understand and meet NCG.

Prof. Stewart Fotheringham introduced NCG; he has followed by Prof. John Hughes, Dr. Gary Crawley and Dr. Rob Kitchin who shared their views on its establishment, role and potential with the audience.

The launch was a good opportunity for those with interests in geocomputation not only to understand the importance of the establishment of NCG and its potential, but also to learn from past experience.

Prof. Mike Goodchild and Prof. Keith Thomson both informed the audience for the advances of Geocomputation and Geomatics in the USA and Canada, respectively. They presented examples of GIS use in everyday life and discussed new challenges for the future in GIS research and industry.


1400 Welcome and Introduction Prof. A. Stewart Fotheringham, Director, NCG
Prof. John Hughes, President, NUIM
Dr. Gary Crawley, Director, Basic Research Grants Programme, Science Foundation Ireland
Dr. Rob Kitchin, Director, NIRSA
1430 "The National Centre for Geocomputation: An Introduction" [Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation]
Prof. A. Stewart Fotheringham
1500 "Geographic Information Systems and Science: Enabling a Location-based Technology" [Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation]
Professor Mike Goodchild
Director, National Centre for Geographic Information and Analysis, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
1545 Coffee Break
1615 "Geomatics Research in Canada: The GEOIDE Experience" [Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation]
Professor Keith Thomson
CEO, GEOIDE, National Centre for Excellence, Canada
1700 Close followed by wine and cheese reception

Prof. Stewart Fotheringham, Director and all the NCG people would like to thank all the speakers, especially Prof. Mike Goodchild and Prof. Keith Thomson, as well as all attendees both for their interest in NCG and their support for its activities.

NCG Launch in Pictures

A Warm Welcome Introducing NCG NUI Maynooth Support
A Warm Welcome Introducing NCG NUIM Support
SFI Support NIRSA Supprt The Audience (Your Support)
SFI Support NIRSA Support The Audience (Your Support)
Prof. Mike Goodchild, NCGIA, Introducing GIS Prof. Keith Thomson, Introducing GEOIDE  
Prof. Mike Goodchild, NCGIA, Introducing GIS Prof. Keith Thomson, Introducing GEOIDE